Cud - Not an Actual Elvis Belt

Not an Actual Elvis Belt


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Cud - Not an Actual Elvis Belt

Ever so slightly re-imagined, tweaked and with its name changed to avoid confusion, CUD's early years compilation is available again for your delectation and download.
All the early singles, some of the B-sides and most of the obscure stuff you have only heard of and ache to hear. Three of Not an Actual Elvis Belt's inclusions are CUD rarities almost literally turned upside-down in a crazy attempt to achieve remix-satisfaction.
27 tracks of CUD at their most ELC. You'll LOPHE it!!


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  1. Slack Time
  2. Make No Bones
  3. Treat Me Bad
  4. Punishment-Reward Relationship
  5. Under My Hat
  6. Art!
  7. You're the Boss
  8. Only (A Prawn in Whitby)
  9. Hey!wire (The Stratopheric Mix)
  10. I've Had It with Blondes
  11. Manchester
  12. Purple Love Balloon
  13. Possession
  14. Remember What It Is That You Love
  15. Marjorie
  16. Magic
  17. Living Changing
  18. Before Tomorrow
  19. Judas Kiss
  20. Plantation Island
  21. Robinson Crusoe (Dance Mix}
  22. Allo
  23. Dawn Dawn
  24. Bohannan Bohannan
  25. Nubian Spaceman
  26. Untitled Hidden Track
  27. Untitled Hidden Track 2