Carl Puttnam - Chateau de Carles

Chateau de Carles

Carl Puttnam

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Carl Puttnam - Chateau de Carles

Sometime back in the distant past (1998 or 1999, I can't remember) someone rang up Carl and asked him to do an acoustic show in famed London nightspot 12bar. Not able to play a solitary note, Carl was torn 'twixt acapella and calling up some "heavy friends". Thank God he chose the latter!
The band featuring Alaric Nevile, long-time Cud collaborator on guitar, David Lazenby, saxophonist and occasional Cud merchandiser on other guitar, Mike Hirst, renowned musicologist and sound archivist on accordion and percussion, played a number of Cud classics, Carl originals and cover versions to a very appreciative audience. The only live album in my collection

Gabriel Tonka 2013


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  1. Carl Puttnam - Intro
  2. Carl Puttnam - Alison Springs
  3. Carl Puttnam - Forgetting the Words
  4. Carl Puttnam - Only a Prawn In Whitby
  5. Carl Puttnam - Dreamy Dreaming
  6. Carl Puttnam - Rich and Strange
  7. Carl Puttnam - Bloody Sacrifice
  8. Carl Puttnam - Butterfly
  9. Carl Puttnam - Once Again
  10. Carl Puttnam - Love In a Hollow Tree
  11. Carl Puttnam - You Can Walk Over Me
  12. Carl Puttnam - Potter Is In the House
  13. Carl Puttnam - Under My Hat
  14. Carl Puttnam - Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  15. Carl Puttnam - What's It to Be
  16. Carl Puttnam - Alison Springs (Again)
  17. Carl Puttnam - Rocks At the End of the Bay