Well £7.31 actually.

Hope you're all doing well.

Maybe some of you are looking forward to seeing the fabulous CUDband on tour throughout October, November and December.

Meanwhiles CUD have found time to write and record a whole host of new songs.

Most of an elpee has been finished. Nearly everything's been tracked. (that's an industry word, no-one's ever told me the meaning of)

First of these new songs to break surface come as part of a seven inch package.

"SWITCHED ON" c/w "I Like it Better (when you're not around)"

Some of you may have heard the former; CUD were playing it at their last shows (whenever they were)

"Better..." will be new to you all.

The single comes dressed in a sleeve designed by bass player exrtraordinaire William Potter and is manufactured from "Eco Vinyl".

It's a mix of recycled and end of line plastics that would have formerly gone to landfill, hence every record is coloured slightly differently.

Hope you enjoy it, and maybe see you at some gigs


Gabriella Tonkini