Cud - Donkey With a Fez On

Donkey With a Fez On


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Cud - Donkey With a Fez On

Donkey With A Fez On is one of the last recordings made by Cud, and the album that never was. William had already left the band and Mickey Dale (later to find a kind of mega-stardom in Embrace) had joined. With regular twiddler (of knobs) Dave Creffield at the helm, Cud built a "studio" in the shed at the side of Leeds' Old Chapel rehearsal studios, and had a right ol' creative time. They recorded/knocked out around 30 songs in the space of 4 days and may have even slept in the studio.
Local off licenses and take aways still remember the time fondly and have since given the first week in March the name Cud Week.
The year leading up to these sessions had been difficult for the band. Everyone was worried about losing the record deal and this had caused a lot of internal friction.
Songwriting had continued with a frenetic pace. A quick perusal of singer and lyricist Carl's notes from the time makes reference to nearly 70 songs, at least 40 of which we'll never hear in any form. Some of the songs that do appear here include part of Carl and Mike's collaboration with Morrissey's sometime writing partner Alain Whyte. What other products of that partnership existed we'll not know at least for now. Also as Mickey Dale's role expanded within this new Cud, who knows what changes his music and artistry would have made to Cud's by then well established geometry.
Here then for your delectation and delight "the legendary 'lost album'now lovingly restored to quasi-stereo and available to you". It's not the finished article, it's quite raw but full of excitement and possiblity. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Gabriel Tonka


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  1. Cud - Stay
  2. Cud - Living Changing
  3. Cud - In My Confidence
  4. Cud - Two Speed
  5. Cud - L.O.V.E.
  6. Cud - Apollo
  7. Cud - Lighthouse of Love
  8. Cud - Only One for Me
  9. Cud - Everything's Alright
  10. Cud - How Far
  11. Cud - Let You Down
  12. Cud - In My Confidence (Acoustic)
  13. Cud - Up In the Light (For the First Time)
  14. Cud - High and Dry
  15. Cud - Eyesore
  16. Cud - Why Does It Feel So Cold